Bernal & Peña de Bernal

Bernal, part of the “Pueblos Mágicos”, a series of special “magical” places established to promote regional tourism, is located at the foot of the Peña de Bernal. It is the third largest monolith in the world after the rocks of Gibraltar and Rio de Janeiros Sugarloaf Mountain.

Its striking, 350-metre-high rocky crest, together with the mission church, defines the panorama of the small village. When strolling through the narrow alleys of the compact centre, the Peña always remains in view.
A path leads to a viewing platform at almost half height. After that the terrain becomes a bit more difficult and dangerous. Experienced climbers can make it to the summit without equipment.

The Peña de Bernal is attributed magical powers in popular belief, which are supposed to unfold especially on the occasion of the equinox of March 21. Then the tranquil place is literally overrun by thousands of visitors. Bernal, a popular weekend destination of the Queretans, is home to a steadily growing number of restaurants and pubs as well as a large number of handicraft shops that offer products from other parts of the state in addition to the characteristic local weaving.
On the way from Tequisquiapan to Bernal you can visit the winery of the Spanish sparkling wine producer Freixenet and taste its Mexican varieties. (Opening hours Mo-Su 11-15h). On the same route, in the small village of Cadereyta, lies the botanical garden of Quinta Schmoll, also known as the “House of the Germans” after its founder. It contains nearly 5000 species of succulents and cacti in their natural habitat, making it the largest of its kind on the entire continent.