“If one could only designate one spot on earth as a paradise, it would have to be Mexico”
(Alexander von Humboldt)

Mexico is without doubt one of the most diverse and fascinating countries to visit in the world.
Thousands of beach kilometers line the coasts of the Pacific, Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, where everyone finds their dream beach, even away from the all-inclusive destinations of Cancún or Los Cabos.
In the inland, powerful sierras with peaks of more than 5,000 meters cut through the landscape of deep valleys, fertile deep plains, tropical forests and cacti deserts. The colonial cities of Mexico have preserved their architectural and cultural heritage without losing their liveliness. In addition to magnificent church buildings and historic buildings with shaded courtyards, museums impress with outstanding collections, markets and fiestas.

Mexico impresses with imposing testimonies of thousands of ancient high cultures – from the colossal heads of the Olmece to the monumental pyramids of Teotihuacán and the sacred mountain of the Zapotecs, Monte Albán, to the cities and ceremonial buildings of the Maya in Yucatán or the rainforest of Chiapas.
A world of its own is the Baja California peninsula with its deserts, oases, magical waterworlds and lagoons, which are among the best whale watching sites in the world.
A legendary train ride through the gorges of the famous copper canyons awaits in the north of the country.
With surrealistic stone gardens surrounded by tropical vegetation or re-awakened ghost towns out of a western, San Luis Potosí is waiting for you.
The country’s many facets are also reflected in its accommodation range, from boutique hotels to historic haciendas, small B & Bs, cabanas and other accommodation.