Guanajuato, the capital of the state of the same name owes its legendary wealth to the “La Valenciana” silver mine. In 250 years, twenty percent of the silver mined worldwide came from it.

Countless historical buildings remind us of these glorious times. One of Mexico’s oldest universities, the Teatro Juárez, underground streets, colonial squares and parks characterize the historic cityscape.
One of the cruellest chapters of the Mexican independence struggle was also written in Guanajuato. As revenge for a rebel attack on the Alhóndiga, the then Spanish garrison, the heads of the executed independence fighters Aldama, Allende, Jiménez and Hidalgo were later displayed in cages in front of the building for ten years(!).

Today Guanajuato is a popular destination especially for North American tourists. The range of luxurious, stylish hotels, original B&Bs, restaurants and shopping facilities is as excellent as the city’s cultural offerings. The highlight of the annual calendar of events is the International Cervantes Festival in October (Festival Internacional Cervantino). It is considered the most important art and culture festival in Latin America with international opera productions, dance and spoken theatre, films and concerts of various musical styles. Many events are free of charge, but even the prices for the most expensive tickets are far below the European level.