Today, seven states share the land bridge between the American subcontinents.

Guatemala with its Mayaruins, colonial towns and the volcanic-lined Lake Atitlán, as well as the small Belize, which is popular not only among divers, has long been one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.
Costa Rica maintains its reputation as a pioneer of ecotourism, while neighboring Panama has experienced a real boom since it has not only been able to cope with Costa Rica in terms of nature, but also the more interesting capital, the canal and with Kuna Yala (Guna Yala) a very special Caribbean island archipelago.
The densely wooded Honduras with the famous Mayan city of Copán and the Bay Islands remains just as much an insider as Nicaragua with its two colonial cities of León and Granada or the Pacific beaches around San Juan del Sur.
The Central American countries look back on a common history and to date share cultural values.
Thanks to the short distances, they can also be easily combined to cross-country travel routes.