Between the legendary port of Cartagena on the tropical coast of the continent and the glaciers and national parks of Patagonia are more than eight thousand exciting kilometers.

The continent contains natural landscapes of superlatives and cultural highlights of a unique character. Be it the snow-capped Andean summit or the massive Amazon river system, the drippy desert or Venezuelan mountains, the mythical Machu Picchu or the no less mysterious Kuelap, Spanish colonial cities such as Cusco and the Bolivian Potosí, as well as modern metropolises such as Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro .

Untraceable scenery such as the salt pans of Uyuní or the deep blue Lake Titicaca are the dream destinations of many, while the Jesuit missions located in the green lowlands of Bolivia, as well as the archaeological sites in Peru’s north or in the South of Colombia, are still considered as secret tips.

Far off the Pacific coast, the Galapagos archipelago of Ecuador and Chile’s mysterious Moais on Easter Island (Rapa Nui) await tourists from all over the world.

Cultural similarities and low-cost flights make the cross-country journeys easy over long distances.