Fee for the organization

Our fee is based on the effort, i.e. the number of reservations and bookings we make on your behalf. As a rule of thumb, every stop on your journey requires two reservations/bookings: one for accommodation on the spot and the other for the means of transport you are using. This does not apply to the start and end points of your journey (intercontinental airports).

For the organization of trips, which you can find as an example here on our website, we usually charge a lower fee than for newly arranged trips. The range goes from 250 € for a shorter route as a single traveller to 700 € for a large five-week trip for 2 people.

For all journeys you will receive a non-binding and free proposal with the expected price, where our Honrar is shown.

You can also ask us to calculate a trip that you have found, for example, in an organiser’s catalogue.

Travel costs

By filling out the questionnaire, you are giving us a budget that we will adhere to.

On request, we can also provide a cheaper or more expensive alternative to transport and/or accommodation for the itinerary in question.

The prices we quote are only binding once the reservation has been confirmed.

Payment processing:
You pay the amounts requested by the contract partners (hotels, transport companies, tour operators) to guarantee the reservation and pay the rest on site. You will receive all booking receipts.

Intercontinental flights are generally not included in the price, as the prices fluctuate extremely and also depend very much on the place of departure. We are happy to help you find good connections.