Hardly any other country in South America is as popular with tourists and travel journalists alike, as the “land of the Inca”.

In fact, Peru has been stirring up the advertising drum for years for its highlights from Machu Picchu to the Ceviche from the celebrity chefs of Lima.

While true tourist caravans travel along the classic routes of southern Peru from Lima via Arequipa to Cusco and further to the Lake Titicaca, the north of the country with its uncountable archaeological sites is still largely reserved for adventurous individual travelers.

Besides, the impressive remains of the Chimú- (Trujillo, Chan Chan), the Moche- (Chiclayo, Sipan etc.) or the Chachapoyas culture are centuries older than those of the Inca, and those who travel to the mountains of Chachapoyas must not fear closing due to overfilling unlike on the Incatrail.

Colonial cities such as Trujillo and Cajamarca are attractive starting points for exploring the northern part of the country.

In addition to Iquitos, which has become the hub for costly river cruises, a sought after destination in Peru’s share of the Amazon is Manú. This national park of superlatives comprises an unrivaled biodiversity on nearly 20000 square kilometers protected for decades.