At a Glance

The Peru Individual trip combines the little-known, spectacular north with the classic destinations of the southeast before ending in La Paz, Bolivia.
Starting in the metropolis of Lima, the itinerary first heads north, where Chiclayo is the starting point for visiting the museums of Lambayeque and the clay pyramids of Túcume, before traveling to the land of the legendary Cloud People.
From their mighty fortress of Kuélap, often referred to as the ‘Machu Picchu of the North’, there are dramatic distant views over the province of Chachapoyas on the eastern edge of the Andes.
Via the enigmatic rock niche tombs of Revash and the village of Leymebamba with its mummy museum, the journey leads in breathtaking ups and downs to the old colonial city of Cajamarca.
This is where the Inca Empire and its last leader Atahualpa once met their bloody end.
To the navel of the world, as the Incas called their capital Cusco, the next stop of your journey will take you. After crossing the Sacred Valley with stops in Ollantaytambo, Pisac and, of course, Machu Picchu, you will travel to Lake Titicaca with interesting stops along the way. Here, the picturesquely located Copacabana is the starting point to visit the Island of the Sun, where the Inca rulers saw their mythological origin.
With Bolivia’s in many respects breathtaking metropolis La Paz you have then reached the final point of the trip after three weeks.

Itineray as PDF (in German) and request offer – the trip in pictures

Itineray of the Peru individual trip

Day Transport to the next destination and number of nights Hotel
1 Arrival in Lima, taxi to your Hotel (2N B&B) 3 B Barranco’s B&B
3 Flight to Chiclayo (1N B&B), Señor de Sipán und Tucumé Sunec Hotel
4 Nightbus to Chachapoyas (2N B&B), Sarkophage von Karajia and Kuélap La Xalca Hotel
7 Ride as part of a tour via Revash to Leymebamba (1N B&B) La Casona
8 Shared taxi to Cajamarca (1N B&B) El Portal del Marqués
9 Flight to Cusco (2N B&B) Tierra Viva San Blas
11 Train ride to Machu Picchu (Aguascalientes, 1N B&B) Panorama B&B
12 Train ride to Ollantaytambo (2N B&B) El Albergue
14 Transfer to Cusco (1N B&B) Tierra Viva San Blas
15 Bus tour (full day with stops) to Puno (1N B&B) Tierra Viva Puno
16 Bus ride to Copacabana (Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, 2N B&B) La Cupula
18 Bus ride to La Paz (2ÜF), Tour Tiwanaku Casa de Piedra
20 Return flight


Sample Itineraries

Duration: 23 days/ 22 nights
Services included: 22 nights accommodation as described, all flights except intercontinental, bus rides, train ride to and from Machu Picchu, entrance fees Machu Picchu and Huyana Picchu, transfer Cusco - Poroy and Ollantaytambo - Cusco, rental car in Chile with full coverage insurance, tour Tiwanaku, tour from Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama, our fee.
Price: from 2750 € per person with 2 travelers
Duration: 43 days/ 42 nights
Services included: 42 nights with breakfast in the described hotels, all flights except intercontinental flight, all land transfers (private shuttles), train ride and entrance fee Machu Picchu, tour from Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama, mini-trekking on Perito Moreno glacier, our fee.
Price: from around 11000 € per perso with 2 travelers
Duration: 20 days/ 19 nights
Services included: 19 nights with breakfast in the described hotels, all flights except intercontinental flights, ferry and bus trips, two rental cars as described with comprehensive insurance without excess, mini trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier, our fee.
Price: from ca. 3250 € per person in a double room with two travellers (valid for 2019)