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Within the park there are three campsites in the Valle Chacabuco:

The West Winds Campground is located two kilometers from the park’s headquarters and can be reached by car via a gravel road (4×4 vehicle recommended). It can also be reached via the La Vega path that connects the campsite to the headquarters (about thirty minutes walk) and can accommodate up to sixty tents. The campsite has sanitary facilities with showers, flush toilets and washbasins. Eight cooking shelters offer visitors a sheltered space where they can eat and relax regardless of the weather. Hot water is produced with solar energy. As the system has a limited capacity, a hot shower cannot always be guaranteed. On hot days you regularly come across guanacos looking for the shade of the poplars. Closed from mid-April to the end of August!

A pedestrian bridge leads visitors across the churning blue water to the Stone House Campground, a renovated old post and future base of the Patagonia Park wardens. The seven new covered cooking areas of the campground serve as protection against wind and rain. Situated at the confluence of the Aviles and Chacabuco rivers, the Stone House Campground serves as a base for exploring the Aviles Valley and the Jeinimeni Reserve. The Stone House is smaller than the West Winds Campground and is located 30 minutes by car from the lodge and the main office, 25 km into the valley on the main road of the park (X-83). Closed from mid March to end of September!

The Alto Valle Campground is located 35 km east of the park administration in the direction of Frontera (towards Paso Roballos). There are six private shelters and two large shelters for large or several groups. The shelters are all accessible by car and motorhome. The campsite has toilets and showers (heated by solar energy). From the campsite you can walk to the Mirador Douglas Tompkins (with wide views of Mount San Lorenzo and Lago Cochrane) and to the base of the Lago Chico Trail. Closed from mid April to the end of September!

For all campsites: no reservations possible.