“You betta Belize it”

The small English-speaking country between Mexico and Guatemala divides into a world in the water and a world on land.
The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest coral reef in the world, with hundreds of tiny islands, the so-called Cayes, which often poke out just a few meters from the warm Caribbean Sea, has long been regarded as an excellent diving destination and attracts water sports enthusiasts from all over the world.
More and more visitors are discovering the cultural and scenic diversity of the mainland.
The towns of San Ignacio and Punta Gorda, situated in the west, are particularly attractive destinations, which can be used as a starting point for the visit of famous or less visited Maya cities, as well as exploring extensive cave systems, underground rivers or hidden waterfalls.
The best mainland beaches has the narrow headland between Hopkins and Placencia, also located in the south of the country.
Like Costa Rica, Belize has recognized the potential of nature-oriented tourism at an early stage, and has stepped up to a target group that is willing to pay a price for the privilege of seclusion in rustic-luxurious lodges. These lodges offer their guests the most varied tours, excursions and activities.
What remains on the track, at least for the time of the stay, is the contact with the local people, which have a large share of the country’s attractiveness in its ethnic and cultural diversity.