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The Estancia Santa Thelma is located at Routa 40 a little north of the village of Gobernador Gregores and is 29,000 hectares in size. The French owner breeds sheep and horses here and produces wool.

The hotel is open from November to April and offers four rooms and three permanent tents. The rooms have private bathroom and balcony (first floor only). The tents have 2 single beds on a wooden platform with shared shower and dry toilet. The main house has a lounge, library and dining room for guests. If there is a larger number of guests, meals (mostly from the grill) are served in the mowing shed. Breakfast and dinner are included in the price.

Hiking, riding tours (also longer ones) and also horse riding training are offered. For non-riders there is Kundalini Yoga or one of the many interesting stories the owner has to tell.