Categorie C (some rooms B)

The Hotel Nueva Vida is located on one of the most beautiful beach sections. The 33 rooms and suites are mostly housed in two-storey cabañas that blend seamlessly into the landscape. The area is 7.5 ha big so you do not get too close to each other and the guests have 140 meters of beach to enjoy the sea and the sun (not all Cabañas are located directly on the waterfront).

The eco-oriented hotel receives its energy from solar panels and wind generators. Therefore there are no sockets in the Cabañas. Electronic devices can be charged at the reception.

All rooms and suites have a safe, 24 hour electricity, W-LAN, private bathroom with hot water, ceiling fan and a terrace (or balcony). An air conditioning is neither available nor necessary, since a constant breeze always brings enough cooling. A continental breakfast (with eggs) is included in the price.

To the hotel belongs the Argentinean Casa Banana Steakhouse (located on the road that runs parallel to the beach behind the Cabañas). Breakfast is also served here (room service available on request). There are also sun loungers, beach chairs, beach towels, laundry service, free wireless Internet and a free parking lot. Of course, there are also tours offered or you can book a massage. And finally you stay on a dreamlike beach.