The almost circular crater lagoon of volcanic origin is only half an hour’s drive from Granada and is a popular outing destination for Nicaraguans.

The Apoyo lagoon has a diameter of six kilometres and a water depth of up to 200 metres. The Nahuatl word Apoyo means spicy water and refers to the light salt content of the lagoon. Its clear, well-tempered water is ideal for swimming and all kinds of water sports. On sunny days the water appears in a dark azure. Only the steep crater walls that surround the lagoon today remind us of the former volcano that exploded 20,000 years ago.

Most of the restaurants along the shore offer rental kayaks for exploring the lake on your own. Its steep shores are covered with dense vegetation and a chaotic network of trails. Walking through the tropical dry forest of the crater walls you can see many bird species, including various toucans and colobruses, howler and capuchin monkeys and rare butterflies. One of these walks leads up to the village of Catarina, which belongs to the Pueblos Blancos, the white villages. Its main attraction is the viewpoint of the same name.

Due to its proximity to Granada, the lagoon is an ideal destination for a day trip.