Santa Rosa de Copán

In terms of tourism, Santa Rosa de Copán is still largely undiscovered.

Today, the colonial city founded in the 18th century is the economic and political center of western Honduras.
Santa Rosa de Copán, with its population of around 60,000, is internationally known as the place of origin of first-class cigars of the “Flor de Copán” brand, which are handmade here.
The “Café de Copán” also enjoys a good reputation, as the mild mountain climate allows coffee of exceptional quality to mature.
Within the intact colonial cityscape, everyday life determines the rhythm in the cobblestone streets and the narrow, sometimes steep alleys.
There is (as yet) no sign of the tourist boom that some might long for. Beneficio Maya, producer of Café de Copán, is located in the Colonia San Martín neighborhood. Among the varieties offered for sale, the SHG (strictly high grown), sun-dried highland coffee San Marcos Supremo is considered the best.
The production process of the cigars “Flor de Copán” can be observed in the district of the Barrio Miraflores, four blocks east of the bus station, a factory outlet with sales can be found in the city center (two blocks west of the central plaza).

Santa Rosa de Copán is easy to visit by rental car from Copán Ruinas, or you can stop here on the way to Gracias.