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1. Scope of this application

1.1 Neue Welt Reisen (New World Travel), Häßel and Kamphusmann GbR, Ubierring 53, 50678 Cologne, German, abbreviated NWR, is not a tour operator. As a matter of principle, NWR operates as an intermediary of travel services within the scope of a commercial agency pursuant according to § 675 BGB (German Civil Code).

1.2 The general terms and conditions apply to the activities of NWR in the field of accommodation, transport and tour arrangements. Each reservation and / or booking is passed on to the relevant service provider (eg hotel or tour operator) via NWR as an explanatory courier on behalf of the customer. The mediation is exclusively carried out under the terms and conditions of the respective service providers. These are made available to the customer at his request.

2. Contracts

2.1 By submitting the questionnaire to NWR, the Customer shall issue the order for the elaboration of a route proposal on the basis of the information provided by the customer in the questionnaire. The route proposal will be sent to the client within 10 days.

2.2 As soon as the customer has agreed to the route proposal in writing and NWR has notified his possible change requests, he shall order NWR with the implementation of the relevant travel route, with the execution of all agreed reservations and / or bookings. The contractual terms of the respective service providers are expressly acknowledged with the assignment of the contract.

2.3 If the customer has booked one or more services of his/ her trip on his/ her own, NWR will only operate after the receipt of the relevant data.

3. Contracts and payment for bookings by NWR

Upon booking, the respective contract is concluded directly between the customer and the hotel (or other service provider) selected by him. The price confirmed by NWR is paid directly by the customer to the hotel (or to the other service providers). Payment is either made in advance by NWR or on the spot. All claims and obligations arising from these contracts are directly and exclusively between the customer and the selected hotel (or other service providers).

4. Unrecognized bookings

In the case of unrecognized bookings, the terms of the respective service provider, which NWR shall notify the customer beforehand, shall apply exclusively. The customer is obliged to inform the respective service provider (eg hotel) about changes or cancellations after the start of the journey. Should the customer incur costs due to an unrecognized booking due to an incident without his fault, NWR is only liable to NWR’s own fault (incorrect information due to gross negligence). Otherwise, claims of the customer are only directly against the cause of the fault.

5. Information about hotels and service providers

We have dispensed with the international hotel classification by stars, since there are no uniform criteria that apply to all countries. All information and descriptions are based on the information of the hotels as well as on the experience of NWR and its customers. The same applies to means of transport and other service providers.

6. Obligations of the customer and NRW

6.1 The Customer undertakes to pay the agreed price to NWR for the elaboration of a specific itinerary. As soon as he has received the concrete travel route from NWR he undertakes to pay for the bookings requested by him within 7 days of the order processing (which can be made in writing, by fax, or by e-mail)  .

6.2 In return, NWR is obligated to hand over all documents (in particular, booking confirmations and the detailed travel plans) to the customer upon payment of the agreed price. The customer will receive his travel price security certificate after receipt of the first deposit.

6.3 The customer who places the order becomes the contractual partner of NWR and is liable for all obligations of fellow travelers.

7. Prices

7.1 NWR’s prices of the service providers are guaranteed upon confirmed reservations / bookings by NWR. Unless otherwise stated, the rates are per room and per night without meals and inclusive of taxes and service. The amount of this tax is subject to occasional changes and can therefore only be stated without obligation by NWR. All other services are charged per person.

7.2 NWR always gives the prices in the currency, which is also chosen by the service provider (the national currency or US $) to avoid fluctuations by conversion. If data are given in Euros, these are approximate prices.

8. Changes

8.1 For changes on the clients request concerning the date of the travel, the destination, the accommodation, the mode of transport, the departure and the destination airport, or the rental of the vehicle or the type of vehicle (change of reservation) NWR shall charge a fee of € 25 per transaction, as long as it is possible to change the booking at any time.

8.2 Any traveler may be replaced by a third party before the commencement of the journey, if he notifies NWR. NWR can, however, contradict, if the available time is not sufficient until the beginn of the travel. If a substitute person enters the contract, the substitute person bears the additional costs arising from his entry into the contract.

8.3 Costs incurred by the service provider for the transfer or cancellation shall be borne by the customer.

8.4 NWR reserves the right to replace any accommodation selected by the customer with comparable others, if the first mentioned should be booked for the time in question.

9. Passport, visa, customs and health determinations

NWR informs the customer of the above provisions, which apply to the respective country. This information applies to German, Austrian and Swiss citizens, who do not have any special personal circumstances. Special personal circumstances (for example, dual citizenship, statelessness, previous registrations of passports, refugee IDs, etc.) in the person of the customer can not be taken into account in so far as they have not been explicitly communicated by the customer to NWR.

10. Liability, travel price security certificate

10.1 NWR shall not be liable for disturbances in connection with third-party services which were merely communicated, insofar that they were not intentionally or negligently caused by NWR.

10.2 NWR shall be liable for incorrect information, which is of considerable importance for the smooth running of the journey, only insofar as such incorrect information has been deliberately or grossly negligently given by NWR to the customer.

10.3 The down payments and advance payments of the customer are insured with R+V Versicherung under the insurance number 050 90 146111181.

11. Privacy, Court of jurisdiction, Other

11.1 All personal data provided by the customer to NWR for the preparation of his travel route and for the bookings or reservations are protected against abuse in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act.

11.2 Should one of the above provisions be or become invalid, the other conditions remain valid and the validity of the contract remains unaffected.

11.3 Court of jurisdiction is exclusively Cologne, Germany. August, 1st 2018