The Andean country without a coast is an extremely diverse travel destination, which has everything to offer besides beaches: snow-capped Andean peaks, colonial cities, tropical Amazon river basins, unreal looking salt pans, the Pampas or Lake Titicaca.

The insider tip is the hinterland of Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s most modern and prosperous city, where the so-called Chiquitania has a whole series of restored wooden churches of the Jesuits, registered to the Unesco World Heritage.
The starting point for Bolivia trips is mostly the literally breathtaking La Paz, the highest government in the world. From here itineraries lead to Lake Titicaca (and further to Peru), to the Salar de Uyuni or north to the tropical lowland to Madidi National Park.
Low cost domestic flights connect La Paz to all parts of the country, including the capital, Sucre, whose historical center is also part of the World Heritage, as well as the nearby former mining town of Potosí, once the most important city in Spanish America.