The island town in Guatemala’s Petén region is a hub for travellers from all over the world who want to visit Tikal and the more remote Mayan cities in the area.

Flores is the more attractive part of the double municipality of Flores/ Santa Elena. A dam road connects the dusty Santa Elena with the island village in Lake Petén Itzá.
The village has a considerable number of small, mostly inexpensive hotels and guesthouses as well as numerous restaurants, cafés, pubs, souvenir shops and also two supermarkets where you can get supplies e.g. for a visit to Tikal.
The city’s appearance has benefited from monument conservation measures that include a ban on advertising posters. Unfortunately, many of the pubs built into the water on wooden platforms have also been lost due to the beautification measures.
Flores itself has no outstanding sights to offer, apart from beautiful views of and across the lake, especially at sunset. The small village, whose highest point is the obligatory Parque Central with a church and a basketball court, can be explored in a short walk.
To the Tikal National Park, which is located approximately 60 km to the north, it is best to leave already in the early morning in order to have enough time for the exploration of the huge complex.
Flores is also the starting point for day trips to the less visited Mayan cities in the Petén such as Yaxhá, Uaxactún, Ceibal or Aguateca.